Shifting Gears in Design – ZONA Revamps Mitsubishi HC Capitol of America’s Conference Room

Mitsubishi HC Capitol of America in Minnesota sought to integrate sophisticated design with practicality in remodeling their conference room. Their specific objective was to create a modern, dynamic space that embraced innovation while prioritizing sound privacy and versatility. To fulfill this unique requirement, they turned to ZONA Glass Wall Systems, renowned for our blend of sleek profiles and functionality, and W. L. Hall Co., a well-known ZONA distributor.

W. L. Hall Co.’s role was crucial in bringing this design vision to life. Their team of skilled professionals took charge of the installation process, ensuring our products were set up correctly and efficiently, demonstrating their technical expertise and attention to detail. The ZONA model chosen for this project was LYNX TELESCOPIC™.

The architectural design deployed an intriguing “L” configuration which involved two ZONA wall units intersecting at a right angle, creating a room that was distinctive and versatile.

The units incorporated five panels measuring 16′-10″ × 8′-0″, and another, slightly smaller one, consisting of four panels and measuring 11′-7″ × 8′-0″. Our system was track shipped, allowing for other aspects of the room’s refurbishment, such as the painting and finishing of the ceilings, to be completed on time.

The elegance of the room was accentuated by the custom grey gloss powder coat. This color elevated the room’s overall aesthetics and echoed Mitsubishi’s forward-thinking brand ethos. To complete the design, ½” clear tempered glass was integrated, offering both a sleek appearance and resilient durability.

The unique architectural vision behind this transformation was birthed by the creative team at PlanForce. With their profound understanding of space utilization and aesthetic composition, their design allowed the individual qualities of LYNX TELESCOPIC to shine through, showcasing the perfect blend of style.

One of the standout features of ZONA Glass Wall Systems is its good acoustic performance, which was demonstrated in the achievement of a 35 STC to 38 STC sound rating for this project. It guaranteed that the newly designed conference room offered privacy, an important aspect of Mitsubishi’s business operations. This feature meant that conversations within the room remained confidential, creating an environment conducive to effective communication and in-depth discussions.

The pop-off access at the top of the panel provided easy access to the trolley stem for simple adjustments, reducing installation time and complexity. Additionally, the concealed foot bolts in the panel edges ensured that clean, visual harmony was maintained, avoiding any unsightly hardware on show.

By leveraging the advanced features of LYNX TELESCOPIC, Mitsubishi HC Capitol of America created an environment that not only meets its practical needs but also reinforces its position as a dynamic, innovative organization.

The collaboration between PlanForce, ZONA Glass Wall Systems, and W. L. Hall Co., each excelling in their respective roles, ultimately brought the vision for Mitsubishi HC Capitol of America’s conference room to life. The final result stands as a testament to the power of innovative design, technical expertise, and efficient collaboration.

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Mitsubishi HC Capitol of America

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