Workmanship Meets Workout in Modern Home Gym


Located 25 miles just west of Philadelphia, Newtown Square is a relaxed suburban township, with a quaint downtown dotted with shops and restaurants. Winding country roads lined with lush green fields and historic structures lead to the site of a former 400-acre farm, now the upscale Toll Brother’s Liseter development.

The charming residence is situated on a generous corner lot, in the upper portion of the community, adjacent to the Newtown Meadow Preserve. Enter into the home’s grand two-story foyer, then take the stairs down to the ground level of the beautifully appointed space, complete with a half bath and divided into three distinct zones: children’s play area, entertainment hub and home gym.

Abundant natural daylight pours in from the generous egress window located in the cozy play area complete with pint sized table, chairs and toys. The welcoming oversized neutral sectional invites the family to watch a movie on the big-screen TV. The spacious home gym, with a Peloton® and a variety of workout equipment at the ready, is neatly outfitted with a sleek, modern glass wall system and pass door.

At first glance of the home gym, words like modern, innovative design, and strength come to mind. You thought we were talking about the bike? Well, actually, these words also accurately describe the ZONA® Glass Wall System. These two seemingly unrelated things actually have a lot in common!

ZONA is a highly customizable glass wall system maintaining its slender 1 ½” height regardless if a single or double-glazed wall. ZONA’s strength is the system’s 50% thicker aluminum profile walls, for unmatched rigidity. All stress points are reinforced with steel bracing while maintaining a slim profile and providing a clean, modern aesthetic.

Homeowner Paul Winterhalter graciously invited us in to his home, to see the ZONA Glass Wall System up close. We talked about his experience of discovering ZONA, the installation process and completion of the project.

After an initial visit with the family and grandchildren, Paul quickly realized a family friendly space separation solution was in order for the home’s ground level. Paul found ZONA Glass Wall Systems by conducting a Google search. When asked, “Why did you choose ZONA?” Paul replied, “Well, when I looked at what the product, they had available, I thought it was perfect for my situation. I saw that they had a style that was neat, clean and certainly modern to provide me with exactly what I was looking for.”

Originally, Paul wanted a ZONA glass wall system with mullions, but once he saw how clean it looked without them, he changed his mind. Early on in the design process, Paul envisioned the pass door in the center of the wall, but as he and the ZONA team talked it through, it made sense to position the door on the left-hand side. The door location helped with the furniture placement as the perpendicular portion of the sectional nicely carves out an ample walkway to the entrance of the home gym.

The ZONA 1 single glazed glass wall system features 15 linear feet of ½” laminated glass with frames in a sleek black anodized finish. A beautifully fully framed hinged door with black handle, complete the look. As there are no exposed glass edges around the door, operation is smooth and safe. The glass panels have an STC of 34 – 38, which allow a workout on the bike and adjacent movie viewing to take place simultaneously with minimal sound transmission.

The ZONA Glass Wall System is an effective way to define an individual space, yet maintain a sense of connectedness throughout the three distinct zones. One can easily accomplish a workout and keep an eye on the grandkids at the same time. The glass wall system provides sight and sound separation along with uninterrupted views through the glass. Another benefit of the glass wall system is the gym is bright and energized by the natural daylight entering from across the room.

When asked, “What do you like most about the system?” Paul replied: “What I like about the system is how well it looks in a final product. You can see that the workmanship is fabulous, it’s a top-of-the-line product that provides a beautiful wall system that is clean, neat and professional.”

When asked, “Is there anything about the system you dislike or believe can be improved upon?” Paul replied, “Frankly, absolutely not. The product, I am just ecstatic with the end product.”

With the ongoing pandemic and move towards a more hybrid work schedule, people will continue to spend more time at home. We believe glass wall systems for residential use will increase in the near future. This installation proves glass walls can be customized to easily fit a ground level layout. Quite frankly, who wouldn’t be motivated to work out in a space as pleasing as this!

CLIENT: Paul Winterhalter
LOCATION: Newton Square, PA