How much floor variance does the system allow for?

¼” total height variance per 20 linear ft is the maximum allowable height deviation due to floor
or header level.

What is the thickest glass your system holds?

ZONA 1: up to 5/8”
ZONA 2: up to 3/8” – ½”
ZONA 3: 1 layer of 3/8” and 1-layer ½”
ZONA 4: 1 layer of 3/8” and 1-layer ½”

Can you use specialized glass?

Yes, switch glass, patterned glass, etc. may be used.

What type of finishes are the frames available in?

Frames are available in 6 anodized finishes and all RAL powder coat colors. Custom finishing is
also available.

How thick is the aluminum on your frames?

3/16” thick Alloy 6063-T5/T52, That’s 50% thicker than the standard 1/8” thickness of our
competitors. This provides high tensile properties and excellent finishing characteristics.

What type of support does your system require?

Single glazed systems do not require steel supports.

Are door closers available on your system?

ZONA uses a proprietary concealed header closer.

Can the locks match the building standard?

Yes, all lock cores, when provided by ZONA, can match building standards and keying

What is the maximum height of your system?

Maximum door size is 10’0” ft. Fixed glass can go higher using clerestory glass.

Can your system use anything other than glass within the frames?

Yes; marker board, fabric panels, painted etc. can replace glass panels.

What is the warranty on your products?

5 years

Is your system true divided light?

No, all ZONA products emphasize acoustics utilizing Monolithic glass which provides superior
STC rating. Applied sash is available and can provide the industrial aesthetic.

What is the height of your profiles?

All ZONA profiles are 1 ½” high, while profile depths vary according function required. Height is a
consistent 1 ½” across all ZONA Glass Wall Systems.

Where is ZONA manufactured?

ZONA is manufactured in the USA


ZONA is the premium Glass Wall System offering unmatched continuity and consistency. ZONA subtly transforms space and achieves a uniform aesthetic.

Do glass walls have acoustic sound ratings?

Driven by increased costs for space, square footage per employee has been declining. Sound
Transmission Class (STC) has become an increased concern. Both our Operable and
Demountable walls are available in double-glazed options with sound seals that achieve the
highest possible STC ratings.

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