ZONA® Glass Wall Systems is the premium, low-profile solution that delivers a consistent alignment and aesthetic across an entire space regardless of system or application. ZONA Glass Wall Systems are available across North America through a trusted distributor network.

Honoring our commitment to communities and the planet we share, ZONA products are manufactured and installed by local skilled labor using the highest quality recycled content.

What makes ZONA special is 50% thicker aluminum wall profiles for unmatched system rigidity, while maintaining a slender profile. All stress points are reinforced by steel bracing. ZONA Glass Wall Systems endured extensive testing for rigidity, load bearing, finish durability and sound transmission by certified labs.

With expert attention to detail, ZONA Glass Wall Systems combine thoughtful design and craftsmanship. Proudly made in the USA, this premium, slender profile system delivers smooth finishes and high acoustical ratings.

For a complete family of walls offering unmatched
continuity and consistency, choose ZONA


ZONA® Glass Wall Systems make it possible to customize function while maintaining aesthetic integrity. Whether single, double glazed or a custom application, all of ZONA’s premium profiles have the highest rigidity on the market while maintaining a consistent 1.5”h profile.


ZONA® Glass Wall Systems is produced locally, ideal for projects in the New York City metro area, South Jersey and Philadelphia.


ZONA® Glass Wall Systems are installed by skilled labor and trained installers using the highest quality recycled content materials. ZONA is backed by a 5-year warranty.


Our clients know what is best for their projects. This is why we work
closely and carefully with them to make sure we meet their exact needs.

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