Glass Walls and Movable Partitions Create Ultra Flexible Space


Explore EastBanc’s recently renovated, highly flexible space located at 330 Madison Avenue, in midtown Manhattan. Outfitted with a combination of sleek telescoping transparent glass walls and movable partitions, this futuristic office is steps away from its new neighbor, One Vanderbilt.

ZONA Telescopic

STUDIO V Architecture specified the slender, hand crafted LYNX TELESCOPIC™ along with solid white movable partitions for EastBanc, a multinational real estate development company. Without a cubicle in sight, the vibe is bright and energetic.

A series of tracks and sliding glass panels work together to create one of the most flexible spaces we’ve ever seen. One large expanse of LYNX TELESCOPIC stretches across the front of the individual private offices.

ZONA Telescopic
ZONA Telescopic

The glass office fronts may be opened up in a series, starting with the walls to the far right. The glass panels glide effortlessly and store neatly out of sight in a cleverly disguised pocket constructed of matching millwork.

The generous windows, dressed with crisp white motorized shades, offer views of neighboring supertalls stretching skyward. Abundant natural light floods the space. The shades may be individually lowered to control glare and solar heat gain as the sun works its way around the building. Modern linear acoustic pendant lights play off the glass wall panels and provide visual interest at the ceiling.

ZONA Telescopic
ZONA Telescopic

The private offices may be further separated (or alternatively, opened up) through a series of sliding white partition walls. For fast face-to-face collaboration, adjoining offices can be combined to expand work space and share ideas, without the need to move to the corner conference room.

ZONA Telescopic
ZONA Telescopic
ZONA Telescopic

An additional LYNX TELESCOPIC slices through the space perpendicularly, creating further flexibility and acoustic separation.

ZONA Telescopic
ZONA Telescopic

This telescoping glass wall system also opens up completely and disappears inside a pocket to the left of the conference room entrance.

ZONA Telescopic

Here’s a breakdown of the ZONA Glass Wall Systems installed:

  • Approximately 24 LF of LYNX TELESCOPIC Single Glazed Pocket System Office Fronts, including 2 sliding doors. This system dissects the kitchenette and conference room.
  • Approximately 45 LF of LYNX TELESCOPIC Single Glazed Pocket System Office Fronts, including 4 sliding doors and 1 fixed pivot door
  • (4) ZONA 1 Acoustical Telescopic Panel walls with 3 solid painted panels per wall
  • Approximately 11 LF ZONA Single Glaze Double Door Secured Entry
  • Approximately 8 LF of ZONA Single Glazed Hinged Folding Panels
  • Approximately 7 LF of Single Pocket Door
  • Conference room corner window

This project demonstrates the flexibility of telescoping glass wall systems, combined with movable partitions. The new tenants will have the ability to maintain individual private offices along with the option to break down any or all of the glass walls to create a wide-open space for events.

It was a pleasure working with STUDIO V Architecture and Clune Construction Company on this innovative project.

Visit our website to see how ZONA Glass Wall Systems create a slender, uniform aesthetic and design consistency across an entire project. Request a sample kit of ZONA’s high-quality level II finishes or contact us directly to discuss your project needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

CLIENT: EastBanc
New York, NY
STUDIO V Architecture
Clune Construction Company