Sleek Glass Wall System Elevates Dance Studio


Step inside Danznik Studios recently renovated space at 240 West 37th Street in Manhattan. Petit-Frere Design brought to life a bold composition of sharp lines, lighting and eye-catching pops of color throughout the dance studio.

Visitors are drawn into the space by a welcoming, futuristic reception desk, flanked by two ZONA 3 double glazed systems.

From the first step off the elevator, a glimpse of color from the art wall draws dancers down the hallway thru a sleek ZONA 2 single glazed pivot door system.


The studio’s two adjacent walls are opened up by the ZONA Glass Wall Systems viewing panels, which elegantly frame the space like a piece of art. With just 1 ½” high profiles, the 40 STC ZONA walls afford visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves into the movement without forfeiting the focus of the dancers.

The ZONA Glass Wall System across from the reception area lets in abundant natural light from the studio space.


The studio is bathed in natural light courtesy of the large windows at the front of the building. The expansive ZONA system, as seen from this angle, connects us with the other room and part of the studio. The blonde hardwood floors play nicely off the dark framed windows and the ZONA system.


A quick glance at the ZONA Glass Wall Systems 1 ½” high profile showcases the consistency throughout the ZONA product line, ensuring continuity for single glazed, double glazed, telescopic and pass door. The eyes travel down one straight uninterrupted line, to achieve a seamless design aesthetic.


Detail photo of a ZONA door lever handle and thumb turn lockset.


In the original discussion with the designer, a primary concern was that both (adjacent) dance floors can be used simultaneously, without the music from one interfering with the other. This was achieved by the high STC rating of ZONA 3.


Beautiful reception area, both accommodating and flexible for visitors who want to watch the dance moves by their loved ones, while sitting on wooden bar stools and enjoying the view. Acoustics and transparency was successfully achieved, next to the fun and engaging aspect of these viewing panels made by ZONA Glass Wall Systems.


If you’re looking to bring a touch of modern design to your space, ZONA Glass Wall Systems are the premium, slender glass wall choice. With expert attention to detail, they combine thoughtful design and craftsmanship.

If you would like to see the products in action, please visit our distributor ModernfoldStyles, Inc.’s showroom. A collection of ZONA Glass Wall Systems are installed in an office setting.

We look forward to working with you to introduce ZONA Glass Wall Systems into your next project. Contact us for more information, a sample kit or to discuss your needs. Get to know ZONA!

CLIENT: Danznik Studios
New York, NY
Petit-Frere Design