Downtown Philadelphia Architecture Firm
Integrates ZONA 1 Into Conference Room

Welcome to CosciaMoos Architecture’s Philadelphia office, centrally located blocks from City Hall and other notable landmarks such as the Franklin Institute and the Liberty Bell. Boasting a specialized team of curated experts, CosciaMoos Architecture worked alongside ZONA Glass Wall Systems as the General Contractor to help renovate their office space.

Blending traditional architecture with very modern touches (for instance graffiti-inspired murals) were one of the aspects our team found unique in the space. ZONA’s simple, modern aesthetic fits seamlessly into other industrial inspired design touches, so the system installed ended up blending beautifully in the office and intentional contrast of traditional and modern.

Among ZONA Glass Wall Systems’ significant array of products, ZONA 1 is one of our most popular movable partitions, offering various selections of dimensions, glass thickness, types of panels, STC ratings, and more.

For CosciaMoos Architecture, we produced a ZONA 1 (fixed panel) system, with a sliding door single-glazed partition with 7/16″ McGrory fixed glass with special fluted pattern and ½” low iron tempered glass doors.

While standard glass has a natural green tint, low iron tempered glass doors provide optimal clarity by minimizing the levels of iron in the molten glass formula. The resulting effect is brilliant and unobstructed views, permitting greater brightness than traditional glass.

As the conference room is one of the most integral places in the office, often used for important meetings with prospective or ongoing clients, ZONA wanted to ensure that their glass wall system perfectly complemented the rest of the space.

Along with its higher visible light transmittance, ZONA 1’s single-glazed wall helps to ensure meetings in the CosciaMoos conference room can occur without outside interference and assists with sound control via brush seals used where the sliding door frame overlaps.

To further guarantee client satisfaction, 84″ non-locking ladder pulls were selected in a black finish to match the sleek professionalism of the door’s black anodized color.

Using these simple non-locking handles allows the glass door to slide along its Hawa 120A System, a quiet and smooth sliding solution that ensures ease of use. Check out the sliding system in action and how our ZONA 1 product integrates flawlessly into the beautiful office space in our video below.

ZONA Glass Wall Systems is delighted to have completed another successful project that improves office spaces. With unmatched system rigidity, ZONA products merge skilled craftsmanship with a deliberate aesthetic. Perfect for projects based in the New York and Philadelphia Metro Areas, call 1-800-401-0511 today to learn more about our premium products.

CLIENT & GENERAL CONTRACTOR: CosciaMoos Architecture
LOCATION: 123 S Broad Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19109