An Office Built for the Future: The Groundbreaking Integration of ZONA Glass Wall Systems at Viam Robotics

Viam Robotics is an emerging software platform in the robotics industry, founded in 2020 by Eliot Horowitz. The company’s software simplifies the complexities of robotics, allowing users to code, manage, and configure their robots on a single platform, streamlining the process of bringing products and services to market faster, and inspiring a new wave of creators to deliver groundbreaking products.

Integral to the transformation of Viam Robotics’ office space was the incorporation of ZONA Glass Wall Systems, with the collaborative efforts of Plan Architecture, LLC., and Archstone Builders LLC which included both single and double-glazed partition options. The office underwent the installation of a total of 35 office fronts, featuring a mix of ZONA 1 and ZONA 4 panels, creating a unique and attractive workspace in the modern age of technology.

ZONA 1 panels were meticulously crafted with ½” clear laminated glass, providing an STC rating of 34-38. These single-glazed panels were engineered to provide sound isolation, ensuring that phone rooms and small meeting spaces maintain an environment conducive to focused conversations and uninterrupted discussions.

ZONA 1 panels are also available in both swing and sliding door configurations and were implemented to preserve optimal acoustic privacy, catering to the diverse spatial requirements of Viam Robotics’ office space.

In contrast, ZONA 4 swing and sliding-flush-mounted glass doors feature double-glazed panels, ⅜” with clear laminated glass, and an STC rating of 45-51.

ZONA 4 panels are meticulously crafted in our Newfield, New Jersey factory. Each glass panel is tailored with precision, ensuring that they blend in perfectly with the office style, enhancing the sound separation of individual offices and conference rooms. The design intent for the panel configuration in Viam Robotics’ office was to guarantee maximal privacy during confidential meetings.

The ZONA 1 and ZONA 4 panels were both coated in Sherwin Williams’ Sky White finish, giving each panel a soft, elegant aesthetic.

To complete the look, ZONA panels were fitted with standard Rixon 117 offset pivot hinges rated for up to 300 lbs, and 48″ non-locking ladder pulls, all featuring a polished satin stainless finish.

The transparency of the glass walls allowed for natural light to flow freely throughout the office space, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The exceptional fusion of ZONA 1 and ZONA 4 panels with the office’s overall design aesthetics highlights not only the product’s innovative and adaptable qualities, but also its ability to elevate any workspace’s visual appeal and functionality.

By incorporating ZONA Glass Wall Systems, Viam Robotics created an inspiring and collaborative environment that reflects the company’s cutting-edge spirit while ensuring acoustic privacy.

We invite you to experience the transformative power of ZONA Glass Wall Systems for yourself by visiting our state of the-art showroom located, in Bergen County, New Jersey. Our team of professionals can help you create a synergetic and engaging space!

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