A Symphony of Design and Functionality at
Global Financial Firm in New York City

Amidst the iconic skyline of New York City’s financial district, a Global Financial Firm envisioned a transformation for its 52nd-floor workspace in Downtown Manhattan. The goal was clear: to craft an environment that was visually captivating, blending transparency with architectural finesse, while offering panoramic views of the World Trade Center. To achieve this vision, the firm collaborated with ZONA Glass Wall Systems, Huntsman Architectural Group, and contractor, Structure Tone, Inc. Our ZONA 1 single glazed fixed glass paired with a ZONA 2 door was selected for its ability to deliver elegance and practicality, for an uninterrupted visual connection, making the spaces appear larger and more interconnected.

Installed in the libraries, conference room, and employee lounge, ZONA brought a sense of fluidity and openness to ensure that while the transformation of each individual area remained distinct, it also felt part of a cohesive whole. The single-glazed system, finished in a contemporary black powder coat, harmoniously blended with the office’s overall design palette. With an impressive height of 8′-6″, ZONA’s glass partitions added to the feeling of spaciousness.

With ½” ribbed tempered glass, the conference room offered sleek privacy, while the breathtaking views of Manhattan remained an integral part of the office experience. The glass added a distinctive textural element, enhancing visual privacy. It is also known for its superior strength, safety features and is approximately four times stronger than regular glass.

Each section was carefully planned to maximize the flow of daylight, complimenting the ambiance and energy of the workspace, while creating an environment advantageous to productivity and creativity. This design choice, while aesthetic, also has a psychological impact, evoking a sense of boundless possibilities — mirroring the firm’s global aspirations.

Enhanced by the natural light’s play on low iron glass surfaces, the libraries and employee lounge radiated an ambiance of innovation and dynamism. The use of low iron glass ensured unparalleled clarity, eliminating the common greenish hue found in standard glass, and offering a pristine, crystal-clear transparency that truly enhances architectural aesthetics.

All ZONA single glazed systems were thoughtfully crafted with standard face-mounted door closers and magnetic door holders, guaranteeing a cultivated and uninterrupted aspect. The installation also featured four swing doors, each adorned with a 48” TCS Black ladder pull, further enhancing the modern design.

The firm’s commitment to creating a visually enchanting workspace has been an example of ZONA’s capability to blend form and function. Every element, from the pristine clarity of the glass to the tactile satisfaction of the door pulls, is a testament to a vision realized in its fullest expression. The space now stands not just as a workplace, but as an emblem of the firm’s enduring legacy and its vision for the future.

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Confidential Client

7 World Trade Center, New York, NY

Huntsman Architectural Group

Structure Tone, Inc.